to Graham M. Drake's inclinations.

This personal web site,
12th April 2012

Has been neglected
a portal of Ideas
for over 5 Years
and today I faced a fear
and looked upon my pages
and was disappointed.

I'm older now, still poorly,
and am still looking.

Or do I accept Then Now?

In the early days of the Internet
I followed the diverse thoughts and whims
of this author, Graham Michael Drake, me,
allowing me to write what I think...
in that moment of now.

Click through,
to read my History of the World.

Or, maybe view my old daily diary thoughts,
no more old web designs now but there's a few selections of esoteric website links left, many gone, built when I conceived the
Drake's Vision concept, many years on
since exploring Würzburg
and the Greek Isles over time.

There are also some odd 'other stuff' web pages, exploring my artistic inclinations
and present ponderings, as well as a, slightly aged, FAQ about digital TV, all of which have long been a fascination to me.

Ssince being born and schooled
in Ellesmere Port, England
I would like to see a Royal Jubilee update

I am now presently exploring my self
and my Body's Dis Ease,

here in Historic Chester.

I need Help. to take this website
into tomorrow.

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In everything,
do to others
what you
would have them
do to you.

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and scientifically
proven by experts
that in fact nine out of
ten people who begin to
read this triangle, no matter how
obvious it becomes that there is
very little meaning and absolutely no
point to it, will carry on reading until they
reach the inevitable and absolutely bitter end.


Drake's Vision and Multimedia web site

Rockin' in the Free World

Be Yourself
Be True
Be Good

but don't neglect
your Loved Ones

If you find this website interesting
give your Partner, Parent, Friend or Child, a gentle hug when you next meet,
left arm over shoulder.

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If your Pop-Up-Blocker stopped you exploring the Links above
then I hope that you enjoyed your brief stay with my thoughts.

Apologies to those E-mail senders that continue to be wiped out
before I can action them, but once I've stopped sorting other people's PC problems
I'll work out why.