A World History

Graham Drake's Timeline
to 1717

Updated 02-June-2015

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15 Billion BC


Something Happened.

4.567 Billion BC


The Sun, a star, was born (give or take a few millennium).

4.557 Billion BC


Earth's creation.

800,000,000 BC


Complex eukaryotes.

570,000,000 BC



425,000,000 BC



65,000,000 BC


Cataclysmic event.

64,000,000 BC


Dinosaurs demised.

6,000,000 BC


Elephants / Mammoths.

4,200,000 BC


Upright humanoids.

3,600,000 BC


Laetoli Footprints.

3,200,000 BC


Human fossil "Lucy", Ethiopia.

2,600,000 BC


Tool fragments, Olduvi Gorge, Serengeti.

1,500,000 BC


Homo Erectus.

1,420,000 BC


Fireside charred bones.

1,000,000 BC


Homo Sapiens, Danakil skull.

780,000 BC


Earth's polarity reversed.

700,000 BC


Homo Archanthropus living in 'Petralona' Cave, Greece.

500,000 BC


Homo Heidleburgensis - Altameras, Europe.

500,000 BC


Boxgrove Man, Chichester, England.

400,000 BC


Wooden spears at Schoningen, Germany.

300,000 BC


Speech, via hypoglossal canal?

300,000 BC


Notched bones in Bilzingsleben, Germany.

250,000 BC


Flint hand axe, with fossil decoration.

230,000 BC


Pontnewydd Cave occupied, Denbighshire, Wales.

125,000 BC


Obsidian tools in Eritrea.

125,000 BC


Water levels similar to 20th Century levels.

120,000 BC



100,000 BC


10,000 people on the the earth?

80,000 BC


Sea levels drop.

74,000 BC


Malaysian Stone Tools Factory.

74,000 BC


Toba, Volcanic Eruption.

43,114 BC


A Mayan Calandar Cycle

40,000 BC


Mammoth skin tents, Moldova, Russia.

37.989 BC


Mayan Calandar Cycle

35,000 BC


Inhabitants of Arnhem Land, northern Australia,
using red ochre.

33,000 BC


Castelmerle Beads factory, division of labour,
working with mammoth ivory and soapstone (Dordogne).

32,864 BC


Mayan Calandar Cycle

30,500 BC


Star chart on mammoth ivory.

30,000 BC


The Mask of La Roche-Cotard.

30,000 BC


The Venus of Willendorf coated in red ochre.

28,000 BC


Cave Painting (Lascaux, France).

28,000 BC


Vindija cave, Croatia.

28,000 BC


Carved Sculpture, Lowenmensch, Germany.

28,000 BC


Neanderthal extinct?

27.739 BC


Mayan Calandar Cycle

24,500 BC


Lapedo child buried on Iberian Peninsular (red ochre).

24,000 BC


Red Lady of Paviland buried in Wales, UK (red ochre).

24,000 BC


Dolni Vestonice, Stone Venus figurines,
weaving, basket work, Mammoth Ivory.

23,000 BC


Pechmel cave Art.

22,614 BC


Mayan Calandar Cycle

20,000 BC


Franchthi Cave (Greece) inhabited

20,000 BC


Time markings on bone.

18,000 BC


Water levels rising.

18,000 BC


Mas D'Azil (French Pyrenees Cave).

17,489 BC


Mayan Calandar Cycle

13,000 BC


Berber civilization in Moroccan Western Sahara.

12.364 BC


Mayan Calandar Cycle

11,500 BC


South American Skull.

10,500 BC


Pesse canoe, Holland.

10,000 BC


Sheep in central Asia.

10,000 BC


Sahara Desert fertile.

9,000 BC


Ice Age ends.

9,000 BC


Neolithic settlement at Göbekli Tepe, Anatolia.

9,000 BC


Agriculture in Palestine.

8,950 BC


Inca -9 sun.

8,239 BC


Mayan Calendar Cycle

8,150 BC


Inca -8 sun.

8,000 BC


'Freshwater' Black Sea, 100 mtrs below '20th Century AD' levels.

8,000 BC


Wall built at Jericho.

8,000 BC


Asikli Hoyuk, Turkey, multi-level dwellings, Obsidian.

8,000 BC


Wheat, pigs, goats and cattle.

8,000 BC


Accounts, Tokens (clay balls).

8,000 BC


Chinese Pottery.

7,350 BC


Inca -7 sun.

7,300 BC


Jericho abandoned.

7,300 BC


Kennewick Man, Pacific North West America.

7,000 BC


Mummies buried near Arica, northern Chile.

7,000 BC


Catal Hoyuk room paintings, Turkey.

6,550 BC


Inca -6 sun.

6,500 BC


Biblical 'Adam' born?

6,500 BC


Copper in use in Eastern Anatolia.

6,500 BC


English Channel formed.

6,000 BC


Australian 150 Mtr. floods (Rainbow Snake).

5,750 BC


Inca -5 sun.

5,700 BC


Enoch travels abroad?

5,600 BC


Freshwater in Black Sea replaced by Saltwater flood (Noah?).

5,000 BC


Bone flutes in Chinese ritual burials.

5,000 BC


Mynydd Rhiw Axe Factory, Aberdaron, Wales.

4,950 BC


Inca -4 sun.

4,713 BC


Julian Calendar begins, Noon 1 January.

4,500 BC


Start of Neolithic Period.

4,150 BC


Inca -3 sun.

4,004 BC


Archbishop Ussher date for creation of universe
 'Anno Mundi'.

4,000 BC


Revised Masonic calendar for date of creation 'Anno Lucis'.

4,000 BC


Chinese using silk.

4,000 BC


Walled City of Hamoukar inhabited.

4,000 BC


Ur, Mesopotamia, founded.

4,000 BC


Ötzi (Oetzi) Tyrolean 'Ice Man' dies (Frozen Mummy with Copper Axe).

3,800 BC


Civilization in Malta.

3,761 BC


Jewish date for world Creation, AM, anno mundi, 7th Oct.

3,500 BC


Mummification in use in Saharan Libya, Uan Muhuggiag.

3,500 BC


Wheel shown on pictogram, Samaria.

3,500 BC


Epic of Gilgamesh, Sumeria.

3,500 BC


Neolithic monuments at Thornborough (Orion's Belt).

3,350 BC


Inca -2 sun.

3,300 BC


Export of Obsidian from the volcanic island of Milos

3,200 BC


Sumerian two wheeled cart.

3,200 BC


Karnak, Thebes (Luxor).

3,200 BC


Newgrange, Ireland.

3,114 BC


Start of Mayan Calendar, August 11. (Cycle ends December 2012 AD).

3,050 BC


Canaanite Byblos in Phoenicia (Lebanon/Cannaa)(Tribe of Adam's Son, Cain ?)
using pottery, copper, bronze, glass and tin alloy.

3,000 BC


Minoan Crete trading with Egypt.

3,000 BC


Sumerian base-60 mathematical formula.

3,000 BC


Sumer and Egypt using arched Harp.

2,950 BC


Stonehenge Ditch dug.

2,925 BC


Menes, first king of the 1st Egyptian Dynasty, Memphis.

2,900 BC


Four Wheeled cart pottery (Szigetszentmarton, Hungary).

2,850 BC


Writing on Papyrus.

2,800 BC


Sepulchral Iconography at step pyramid
burial of King Djoser, 3rd Dynasty.

2,700 BC


Maes Howe, Orkneys, Scotland.

2,613 BC


Phoenicians trading with 3rd Dynasty Egypt.

2,600 BC


Water conduits in use under Troy.

2,589 BC


Snefru, first King of the Egyptian 4th Dynasty, dies.

2,550 BC


Inca -1 sun.

2,576 BC


Khufu unites Egypt.

2,570 BC


Great Pyramid of Cheops.

2,520 BC


Beaker people inhabit 'Fortress' near Lisbon.

2,500 BC


Egyptian Book of the Dead.

2,500 BC


Pyramids (Orion's Belt).

2,400 BC


Big Stones at Stonehenge erected (Copper weapons).

2,300 BC


Amesbury Archer buried.

2,300 BC


Mesopotamian maps.

2,200 BC


Worldwide climate change, leading to drought.

2,100 BC


Ziggurat at Ur built.

2,000 BC


Xinjiang, northwest China, Caucasian mummies.

2,000 BC


Greeks, no arch.

2,000 BC


Bronze Age Civilization disappears on Malta.

2,000 BC


Akkadian language replaces Sumerian
but Sumerian writing remains in use, for Sacred Literature.

1,953 BC


Beginning of the Chinese calendar, March 5.

1,780 BC


Babylonian texts controlling alcohol, Hammurabi.

1,750 BC


Inca 1st sun.

1,700 BC


Earthquake devastates Greece.

1,700 BC


Eruption of the 'Vesuvius' volcano
destroys Avellino, in Italy.

1,628 BC


Santorini volcano (Thera, Greece, Atlantis) destroys Minoan Crete.

1,595 BC


Babylon is sacked by Hittites.

1,595 BC


Rise of Mycenaean Greeks.

1,539 BC


Ahmose, 18th Dynasty, The New Kingdom.

1,500 BC


The Rig Veda in use in India.

1,500 BC


Aryans invade India, four-part caste system introduced.

1,458 BC


Thutmose III, King of Egypt, takes Megiddo, passing easily through Cannae.

1,410 BC


Joseph interprets dream for Thutmose IV.

*1,390 BC


Amenhotep III, King of Egypt.

*1,353 BC


Amenophis IV, Egyptian King, becomes Akhnaton (Moses/Oedipus?).

*1,340 BC


Akhnaton founds new capital, AkhtAton (the City of Horizon), Tel-El-Amarna,

*1,323 BC


Tutankhamun died,



*David M. Rohl theory puts these dates nearer millennium

1,300 BC


Treasury of Atreus, Tomb of Agamemon, Beehive Tomb, no Arch.

1,290 BC


Seti 1st, Egyptian Pharaoh, died.

1,213 BC


Ramesses II died.

1,200 BC


Greek Dark Ages begin.

1,200 BC


I Ching divination in use in China.

1,175 BC


Philistines arrived in Canaan

1,110 BC


Phoenicians establish a colony at Gades (modern-day Cadiz, Spain)

1,079 BC


Egyptian Year of the Hyena - tough times.

1,078 BC


Moses leads 'One God' Tribes out of Egypt?

1,059 BC


Cataclysmic event leading to 18 years of distress in Europe.

1,000 BC


Egyptians using Blue Lotus, Opium, Cocaine, Cannabis, Nicotine and Silk.

980 BC


Saul became King of Hebrews, Tribe of Benjamin ?

970 BC


Biblical David becomes King of Judah (Hebron Valley), while Ishbaal (Saul's Son) ruled as 'King' over the Hebrews’ northern kingdom, Israel ?

970 BC


Hiram becomes Phoenician King (Tyre).

960 BC


Biblical David becomes King of Judah/Israel and moves to Jerusalem,
then abdicates yet maintains control ?

959 BC


Biblical Solomon becomes King of Judah/Israel ?

958 BC


Hiram begins building Biblical Temple, at Jerusalem, for Solomon.

950 BC


Inca 2nd sun.

940 BC


Queen of Sheba (Yemen) gives birth to King Solomon's child?

936 BC


Hiram, King of Tyre, dies.

925 BC


Sacking of Jerusalem by Shishak (Ramesses II?).

922 BC


Solomon dies?

918 BC


Jeroboam, King of 10 Tribes (Israel), Rehoboam, King of 2 (Judah\Benjamin).

900 BC


Homer writes Iliad and Odyssey.

880 BC


Samaria becomes the new Capital of Israel.

874 BC


Elijah executes 450 prophets of Baal.

868 BC


Assyria extracts tribute from Judah and Phoenician cities.

842 BC


King Ahaziah, of Judah, dies at Megiddo.

814 BC


Carthage founded by Phoenician settlers.

776 BC


Shoshenk 1st, Pharaoh of Egypt.

776 BC


1st Olympic Games.

747 BC


Nabonassar becomes King of Assyria (AN - Anno Nabonassari - Ptolomy).

745 BC


Assyria creates standing army.

732 BC


Israel overrun by Assyrians, Refugees flee to Judah.

701 BC


Assyrian army, under the ruler Sennacherib, lays siege to Jerusalem.

700 BC


King Hezekiah builds water conduits under Jerusalem, Isaiah.

700 BC


Hindu philosophy evolving.

700 BC


British Iron Age.

664 BC


Sacking of Thebes (Valley of Kings) by the Assyrians.

662 BC


'Julian Calendar' date for founding of Rome.

657 BC


Kypselos controls Corinth

640 BC


Spartans subdue Messenians.

623 BC


Brahman Buddha Gotama (Siddhatta) born.

621 BC


King Josiah of Judah purges the Temple in Jerusalem, of 'pagan' influences.

616 BC


King Josiah of Judah reads from Deuteronomy.

612 BC


Fall of Assyrian Nineveh to Chaldeans, Babylon, Biblical Jonah.

609 BC


King Josiah of Judah dies at Megiddo.

604 BC


Jerusalem attacked by Nebuchadrezzar II.

600 BC


Etruscans on Lemnos, Greece.

597 BC


Jerusalem occupied by Nebuchadrezzar II.

587 BC


Temple at Jerusalem destroyed by Nebuchadrezzar II.

586 BC


Start of Babylonian exile for Jews.

580 BC


Birth of Lao-tsu, Founder of Taoism.

569 BC


Pythagoras born, Samos, Greece.

562 BC


Genesis composed.

552 BC


Temple of Artemis\Diana built at Ephesus (third wonder of the world).

551 BC


Confucius born in Shantung Province, China.

539 BC


Persia controls Babylon, Phoenicia, Palestine, Syria & Cyprus.

538 BC


Cyrus II allows selected exiled Jews to return to Jerusalem,
after producing a charter, on the rights of nations.

522 BC


Darius the Great takes stronghold of Tigra, in Armenia.

520 BC


Building of the second Temple at Jerusalem starts.

516 BC


End of Babylonian exile for those who saw Jerusalem as home.

515 BC


Darius the Great founds Persian 'Persepolis' on prehistoric settlement.

515 BC


Second Temple completed, driven by Prophets Haggai & Zechariah.

503 BC


'Phoenician' Carthage makes an alliance with 'Rome'.

500 BC


Roman semicircular Arch.

480 BC


Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis.

458 BC


Ezra sent to govern Jerusalem (5 Books of the Torah).

450 BC


Polyclitus introduces symmetria into Sculpture.

445 BC


Nehemiah sees Jerusalem’s walls built.

432 BC


Meton introduces his Lunar calendar in Athens.

432 BC


The Parthenon, Athens, completed.

418 BC


Sparta defeat Athens in the Battle of Mantinea.

400 BC


Fall of Theseus' Athens, Sophocles.

400 BC


The Cynic movement founded.

399 BC


Socrates dies, Athens, Greece.

398 BC


Ezra leads last Jews from Babylonia to Jerusalem.

377 BC


Hippocrates dies.

373 BC


Helike submerged, Greece.

360 BC


Plato writes The Republic.

350 BC


Aristotle writes on Metaphysics.

336 BC


King Philip II of Macedonia dies.

333 BC


Alexander the Great wins 'Battle of Issus', Turkey.

330 BC


Alexander sacks Persepolis.

323 BC


Alexander dies, Ptolemaic dynasty begins.

300 BC


Euclid in Alexandria, Egypt (Arabian Text).

300 BC


The Stoic movement founded in Athens, by Zeno of Citium (Cyprus).

270 BC


Epicuras dies.

267 BC


Ctesibius invents clockwork timepiece, with Cuckoo.

240 BC


Halley's comet reported in China.

238 BC


Decree of Canopus for Ptolemy Euergetes.

235 BC


Ptolomy III establishes a 'Great Library' at Alexandria.

230 BC


Aristarchus of Samos died, after proposing heliocentric cosmos.

221 BC


Magnetic compass in use in China.

221 BC


Building of Great Wall of China begins.

218 BC


Hannibal crosses the Alps with elephants.

212 BC


Archimedes dies.

200 BC


'Jesus ben Sirach' compiles his Ecclesiaticus.

200 BC


Parchment in use at Pergamum, Turkey.

190 BC


'Rosetta Stone' ordered by Ptolemy V Epiphanes.

169 BC


Antiochus IV Epiphanes plunders 'The Temple' at Jerusalem.

167 BC


'Antiochus IV' offers sacrifice to 'Zeus' in 'The Temple'.

166 BC


Maccabean Revolt 'Hanukkah' puts 'The Temple' back in 'Jewish' control.

164 BC


Halley's comet recorded on Babylonian 'Cuneiform' Tablets.

150 BC


Inca 3rd sun.

130 BC


Septuagint completed.

120 BC


Hipparchus dies.

87 BC


Clockwork timepiece, Antikythera.

86 BC


Halley's comet.

73 BC


Spartacus leads a slave's rebellion.

63 BC


Roman Army's invasion of Judea (Pompey).

55 BC


Julius Caesar attempts an invasion of Britain.

54 BC


Crassus plunders 'The Temple' in Jerusalem.

54 BC


'Julius Caesar' fails to invade Britain.

46 BC


'Julian' Calendar standardized.

44 BC


'Gaius Julius Caesar' assassinated (March 15th).

41 BC


Cleopatra sails into Tarsus, to meet 'Mark Antony'.

37 BC


Herod the Great, ruler of Judaea.

31 BC


Cleopatra and Mark Anthony die.

20 BC


Philo Judaeus born (Greek-speaking 'Jewish' philosopher).

19 BC


Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro) died.

11 BC


Halley's comet.

7 BC


Jesus, of Nazareth, born.

4 BC


Herod 'the Great' dies, at Jericho.

9 AD


Arminius (Teutonic) defeats Romans in battle, in the Teutoburg Forest.

14 AD


'Augustus Gaius Julius Octavius' died.

23 AD


Pliny the Elder born.

29 AD


John the Baptist begins his ministry

32 AD


Crucifixion of Jesus.

34 AD


John the Baptist beheaded by Herod Antipas (Salome).

37 AD


'Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus' (Caligula) became Roman Emperor.

43 AD


Emperor Claudius invades England.

44 AD


St. James of Compostela murdered (James the Great),
Apostle, brother of John the Evangelist, son of Zebedee.

48 AD


Fire ravages Library at Alexandria.

60 AD


Boudicca (Boadicea) revolts against Romans.

64 AD


Roman Emperor, Nero, persecutes Christians.

66 AD


Halley's comet.

68 AD


James the Less (Just) murdered, son of Joseph, Brother of Jesus.

70 AD


Herod's Temple at Jerusalem destroyed.

79 AD


'Vesuvius' volcano destroys Pompeii, Italy.

93 AD


Josephus writes his Jewish Antiquities.

100 AD


Christians using variants of the Didache.

110 AD


Ignatius of Antioch died.

120 AD


Roman author Tacitus dies.

126 AD


The 3rd version of the Pantheon, Rome, completed.

126 AD


Hadrian's Wall completed.

141 AD


Halley's comet.

150 AD


Claudius Ptolemaeus writes his 'Almagest'.

167 AD


'Marcus Aurelius Antoninus' writes The Meditations.

203 AD


Galen died.

218 AD


Halley's comet.

250 AD


Plotinus writes 'The Six Enneads'.

250 AD


Origen dies.

286 AD


St. Alban martyred in England.

295 AD


Halley's comet.

321 AD


Arius excommunicated.

325 AD


Council of Nicaea establishes 'Christian' dogma.

328 AD


Emperor Constantine moves from Rome to Byzantium, Constantinople.

347 AD


Halley's comet.

365 AD


Earthquake at Alexandria.

381 AD


Second General Council, at Constantinople.

391 AD


Theophilus destroys 'Pagan' Serapeum, in Alexandria.

397 AD


Augustine of Hippo begins writing his 'Christian Doctrine'.

400 AD


Talmud Yerushalmi compiled.

403 AD


Sulpicius Severus writes his Chronica.

406 AD


Jerome completes his 'Vulgate' Bible.

406 AD


Barbarians (Huns, Vandals, Goths) cross the Rhine, at Mainz.

451 AD


Halley's comet.

455 AD


Gaiseric the Vandal sacks Rome - European Dark Ages begin.

461 AD


Bishop Patrick dies in Ireland.

500 AD


Battle of Mons Badonicus, Britons v Germanic foederati.

530 AD


Halley's comet.

532 AD


Justinian begins work on his Hagia Sophia.

533 AD


'Patriarch of Antioch' makes reference to Dionysius the Areopagite.

539 AD


'Thomas of Wendover' describes Comet impact.

540 AD


Dionysius Exiguus died.

541 AD


Plague spreads through Europe.

549 AD


Last chariot races in Rome's Circus Maximus.

565 AD


St. Columba arrives in Scotland.

570 AD


Muhammad born.

597 AD


St. Augustine Converts 'Kingdom of Kent' to Christianity.

607 AD


Halley's comet.

614 AD


Persians capture Jerusalem.

622 AD


The Islamic Era (AH, Anno Hegirae) begins.

642 AD


Arab invasion of Alexandria.

650 AD


Inca 4th sun, leads to prophesy of 800 years of war.

664 AD


The Synod of Whitby settles Easter date.

684 AD


Halley's comet.

691 AD


Dome on the Rock built in Jerusalem.

717 AD


Leo III becomes Byzantine Emperor, in Constantinople.

720 AD


Beowulf composed.

731 AD


Venerable Bede completes his Historia ecclesiastica.

732 AD


Battle of Tours halts the Islamic\Muslim army's advances into Europe.

760 AD


Halley's comet.

760 AD


Tibetan Book of the Dead.

787 AD


Second General Council of Nicea.

793 AD


'Vikings' attack Holy Island, Northumbria.

800 AD


Exceptional cold period, tree rings.

837 AD


Halley's comet.

865 AD


'Viking' invasion of England.

890 AD


Anglo-Saxon Chronicle compiled, by Alfred the Great.

907 AD


Wenceslas born, near Prague, Bohemia.

912 AD


Halley's comet.

989 AD


Halley's comet.

1,002 AD


Saxon King Aethelred married Emma, Duke Richard of Normandy's Sister.

1,017 AD


Viking King Canute married Aethelred's widow, Emma.

1,039 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,042 AD


Emma's Son, Edward the Confessor, became 'King of England'.

1,054 AD


Supernova (Crab Nebula) recorded in China\Arabia

1,054 AD


The Pope excommunicates the Patriarch of Constantinople.

1,066 AD


Halley's comet.

1,066 AD


William, Duke of Normandy defeats Harold Godwinson at Hastings.

1,086 AD


Domesday Book completed.

1,091 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,093 AD


Saint Anselm founds a Priory in Chester, England.

1,095 AD


First Crusade begins.

1,099 AD


Crusaders take Jerusalem.

1,120 AD


Templars on Temple Mount.

1,123 AD


Omar Khayyam died.

1,140 AD


Gothic Architecture, at St. Denis, Paris.

1,143 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,145 AD


Halley's comet.

1,154 AD


The Book of Roger completed.

1,154 AD


Henry II becomes 'King of England'.

1,170 AD


Murder of Thomas Becket.

1,187 AD


Saladin take Jerusalem.

1,191 AD


Richard The Lionheart massacres the Saracens at Acre (3rd Crusade).

1,195 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,200 AD


Famine in Cairo.

1,204 AD


'Roman Christians' subdue 'Orthodox Christians' in Constantinople.

1,209 AD


Pope Innocent III orders the 'Cistercian' Albigensian Crusade.

1,215 AD


King John signs Magna Carta.

1,222 AD


Halley's comet.

1,226 AD


Giovanni Francesco Bernardone died (St. Francis of Assisi).

1,227 AD


Genghis Khan dies.

1,227 AD


'Thomas Aquinas' begins his Summa Theologica.

1,229 AD


The Council of Toulouse.

1,231 AD


Pope Gregory IX appoints the 'Papal Inquisitors'.

1,247 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,250 AD


Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, died.

1,260 AD


Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis, became ruler of the Mongol empire.

1,272 AD


Roger Bacon publishes his Compendium philosophiae.

1,277 AD


Zahir Baybars poisoned himself.

1,291 AD


Templars lose Acre, last foothold in Holy Land.

1,295 AD


Marco Polo returns to Venice.

1,299 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,300 AD


Apex of 9, Sienna.

1,301 AD


Halley's comet.

1,306 AD


All 'Jews' in France arrested.

1,307 AD


All Templars in France arrested, Friday the 13th.

1,313 AD


Pope Clement V issues a 'Papal Bull' abolishing the 'Templar' organisation.

1,314 AD


Dante publishes La Divina Commedia.

1,325 AD


Foundation of Tenochtitlan (the Aztec capital).

1,327 AD


Edward III becomes 'King of England'.

1,327 AD


Meister Eckhart died.

1,328 AD


'Renaud le Contrefait' writes about Tarot Cards.

1,337 AD


Giotto died.

1,346 AD


The Battle of Creçy.

1,347 AD


Black death (plague) strikes Europe from China.

1,347 AD


'William of Ockham' died (Occam's razor).

1,348 AD


Order of the Garter established.

1,350 AD


Clockwork planetary tracking of 7 planets.

1,351 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,376 AD


'Tarot cards' are forbidden in Florence

1,378 AD


Halley's comet.

1,382 AD


Black death strikes again.

1,384 AD


John Wycliffe died (Lollardism).

1,390 AD


Chaucer's 'The Canterbury Tales' published in English.

1,390 AD


Masonic 'Old Charges' written down (Regius Manuscript).

1,395 AD


A second Wycliffe Bible published in English.

1,403 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,428 AD


Start of the Aztec Empire.

1,431 AD


Joan of Arc burned at the stake.

1,434 AD


Jan Van Eyck paints the Arnolfini Wedding Portrait.

1,438 AD


Brunelleschi's Cupola completed.

1,438 AD


Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, (Peru/Chile)
meets bearded man with staff and conch shell.

1,446 AD


Rosslyn Chapel founded (Biblical 'Temple' reproduction).

1,450 AD


Gutenberg and Fust publish first printed German Bible.

1,450 AD


Cooke Manuscript published.

1,450 AD


Inca 5th sun.

1,451 AD


Ottoman 'Sultan Mohammed II' takes Constantinople.

1,455 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,455 AD


Fra Angelico died.

1,456 AD


Halley's comet.

1,469 AD


Cosimo de' Medici died.

1,469 AD


Guru Nanak born, Founder of 'Sikhism'.

1,478 AD


'Pope Sixtus IV' authorizes 'Spanish Inquisition'.

1,482 AD


Torquemada becomes the head of 'The Inquisition', a Dominican.

1,485 AD


Caxton prints 'Malory's' Le Morte D'arthur.

1,492 AD


All 'Jews' in Spain expelled.

1,492 AD


'Moorish' Alhambra despoiled by 'Spanish' recapture.

1,492 AD


Piero della Francesca died.

1,492 AD


Columbus sails across the Atlantic.

1,495 AD


George Ripley died.

1,497 AD


Bonfire of the Vanities, in Florence.

1,499 AD


Marsilio Ficino died.

1,506 AD


Andrea Mantegna died.

1,507 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,507 AD


Martin Waldseemuller produces a world globe, including America.

1,509 AD


Erasmus writes his Praise of Folly.

1,510 AD


Sandro Botticelli died.

1,512 AD


'Michelangelo' adorns the Sistine Chapel (Biblical 'Temple' reproduction).

1,512 AD


Copernicus proposes that "the earth revolves around the sun".

1,513 AD


King James IV of Scotland died, Battle of Flodden.

1,516 AD


Sir Thomas More publishes his Utopia.

1,516 AD


Hieronymus Bosch died.

1,517 AD


The Ninety-five Theses, by Martin Luther, printed.

1,519 AD


Leonardo Da Vinci died.

1,520 AD


Raffaello Sanzio died.

1,521 AD


Spanish destruction of Aztec power.

1,522 AD


Sultan Suleiman 1, the Magnificent, attacks Rhodes
against the 'Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St. John'.

1,522 AD


Martin Luther publishes a 'New Testament', in German.

1,528 AD


Tyndale publishes 'the Obedience'.

1,528 AD


Albrecht Durer dies.

1,530 AD


'Sir Thomas More' persecutes Heretics, in England.

1,531 AD


Halley's comet.

1,532 AD


Spanish destruction of Inca power.

1,532 AD


'Niccolo Machiavelli' writes The Prince.

1,533 AD


'Cornelius Agrippa' publishes Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

1,533 AD


Thomas Cranmer promotes a 'Book of Common Prayer'.

1,534 AD


Act of Supremacy makes Henry VIII head of 'Church of England'.

1,535 AD


Myles Coverdale prints 'Tyndale's' English 'New Testament'.

1,536 AD


Paracelsus publishes 'Der grossen Wundartzney'.

1,540 AD


Henry VIII abolished 'Orders of Chivalry'.

1,540 AD


The "Great Bible" translation revised.

1,540 AD


Organised horse racing on the Roodee at Chester, UK

1,540 AD


John Calvin publishes first of his Commentaries.

1,543 AD


Bibliander translation of the Qur'an published.

1,543 AD


Copernicus proposes a 'new' Earth\Sun\Cosmos theory.

1,543 AD


'Spanish Inquisition' begins burning 'Protestants' at the stake.

1,546 AD


Socinianism introduced.

1,553 AD


Michael Servetus, Spanish physician, burned at the stake.

1,553 AD


Mary I crowned Queen of England.

1,558 AD


Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England.

1,559 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,559 AD


Guido de Bres writes the 'Belgic Confession'.

1,560 AD


Geneva Bible published.

1,563 AD


'John Foxe' publishes his Book of Martyrs.

1,564 AD


'John Dee' publishes his Monas hieroglyphica.

1,564 AD


Shakespeare born.

1,564 AD


Michelangelo Buonarroti died.

1,566 AD


Nostradamus died.

1,569 AD


Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, died.

1,572 AD


John Knox died.

1,576 AD


Titian died.

1,582 AD


Gregorian Calendar.

1,586 AD


William Camden publishes his Britannia.

1,592 AD


'Pope Clement VIII' issues revised Vulgate Bible.

1,594 AD


Palestrina died.

1,596 AD


Sir Francis Drake died.

1,597 AD


Elizabeth, Dowager Countess of Shrewsbury, moved into Hardwick Hall.

1,597 AD


'James VI of Scotland' writes on Dæmonologie.

1,599 AD


Scottish 'Masonic' records, Mary's Chapel.

1,600 AD


Kepler moves to Prague.

1,601 AD


Tycho Brahe died.

1,602 AD


Schaw Statutes published.

1,603 AD


James VI of Scotland becomes 'James 1'st, of England'.

1,603 AD


Francis Bacon Knighted.

1,604 AD


Robert Cawdrey publishes the first 'English' dictionary.

1,605 AD


'Cervantes' publishes Don Quixote (part 1)

1,605 AD


Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes).

1,607 AD


Halley's comet.

1,608 AD


Arminius wrote his Declaration of Sentiments.

1,609 AD


'Emperor Rudolf II' allows 'freedom of religion' in Bohemia.

1,610 AD


Thomas Harriot uses telescope to map the moon.

1,610 AD


Caravaggio died.

1,610 AD


Jean Beguin publishes his textbook of chemistry.

1,611 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,611 AD


The King James version of 'The Bible' published.

1,614 AD


The Fama Fraternitatis published (Account of the Brotherhood).

1,616 AD


Copernicus 'Sun' theory outlawed.

1,618 AD


Sir Walter Raleigh executed.

1,618 AD


30 year war begins, the Heretics, Truth should prevail.

1,620 AD


Charles I becomes King of England.

1,620 AD


First colony in New England (Pilgrims).

1,624 AD


Jakob Böhme died.

1,626 AD


Sir Francis Bacon writes 'The New Atlantis'.

1,628 AD


William Harvey published his Exercitatio anatomica.

1,628 AD


Petition of Right exhibited to 'Charles 1st of England'.

1,634 AD


Simon Stevin, Holland, proves Gravity.

1,640 AD


Isaac Newton born.

1,640 AD


Peter Paul Rubens died.

1,640 AD


'Short' and 'Long' Parliaments, in England.

1,641 AD


Irish Rebellion.

1,641 AD


Masonic Initiation for Sir Robert Moray, Newcastle.

1,642 AD


Galileo died, the telescope proved 'Ptolomy' wrong.

1,642 AD


English 'Civil War' begins.

1,645 AD


First meeting of the 'Invisible College'.

1,646 AD


Masonic 'Initiation' for Elias Ashmole, Warrington.

1,648 AD


Eighty Years War ended in Europe.

1,650 AD


Descartes died, 'I think, therefore I am'.

1,652 AD


Inigo Jones died.

1,653 AD


Pascal employed his 'arithmetical triangle'.

1,656 AD


'Diego Velazquez' completes Las Meninas.

1,658 AD


Oliver Cromwell died.

1,660 AD


Plague eradicated in Europe.

1,660 AD


Charles II proclaimed 'King of England'.

1,660 AD


Royal Society of London founded.

1,661 AD


Louis XIV (The Sun King) becomes ruler of France.

1,662 AD


Royal Society granted Charter, by Charles II.

1,663 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,665 AD


'Robert Hooke' published his Micrographia.

1,665 AD


Publication of the first Philosophical Transactions, as a periodical.

1,666 AD


Frans Hals died.

1,669 AD


Rembrandt van Rijn died.

1,667 AD


John Milton publishes 'Paradise Lost'.

1,667 AD


Jonathan Swift born.

1,672 AD


'John Bunyan' publishes The Pilgrims Progress.

1,675 AD


Jan Vermeer died.

1,682 AD


Halley's comet.

1,686 AD


The Glorious Revolution begins.

1,686 AD


Newton publishes his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica.

1,689 AD


'William and Mary' sign Declaration of Rights and become joint Monarchs.

1,690 AD


Battle of the Boyne.

1,690 AD


'John Locke' publishes his Essay Concerning Human Understanding.

1,692 AD


Glen Coe Massacre.

1,697 AD


First 'Service' in Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral.

1,697 AD


'Giovanni Antonio Canal' (Canaletto) born.

1,698 AD


A man with an iron mask was imprisoned in the Bastille.

1,700 AD


William Congreve completes 'The Way of the World'.

1,707 AD


'English' and 'Scottish' Parliaments united.

1,712 AD


Peter the Great moved the Russian capital to St. Petersburg.

1,712 AD


The transaction at Auchensaugh.

1,714 AD


First recorded 'Masonic Minutes' of the 'Grand Lodge of York'.

1,715 AD


Aztec 2-Reed year.

1,717 AD


Voltaire imprisoned in the Bastille, because of his satirical writings.

1,717 AD


Some London Freemasons organised the 'Grand Lodge of England'.

1,717 AD


The Bangorian Controversy precipitated, by Benjamin Hoadly.

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